Here in the RAD Lab, we strongly encourage everyone to reach out and get help whenever you feel like your mental health is suffering. We often tell our participants, followers, fellow lab members, pretty much everyone we can find, “Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional if you feel like your mental health is suffering.” We fully stick by this advice – it’s crucial to seek help for a number of reasons including: not letting the problem get worse, finding appropriate treatment, decreasing stigma associated with mental health care, and taking care of yourself. However, it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly where to go for this help.

Stigma plays a huge role in deterring people from seeking mental health care. However, not knowing where to go for care increases the issue of stigma, leading to increased numbers of people not seeking the care that they need.  It’s a vicious cycle.

So today, we are here to give you a few places to turn to seek help. There are many options, locally, statewide, nationally, and even internationally. There are options to set up an appointment to speak with someone in person, there are phone lines you can call, there are text based or web based options for care, the list goes on!  Here are some of our favorite resources, divided by the type of interaction you will receive. These resources, as per our focus, are specifically targeted at teens and young adults.. Please visit NAMI for more information about adult resources.


***NOTE – In the event of an emergency, please call 911 or visit your local emergency department. ****


Crisis Lines to Call

Listing of county sponsored children’s mental health crisis support lines - In Minnesota, counties act as the local authorities on available public mental health services.

Metro Area: 

Anoka – 1-763-755-3801

Hennepin – 1-612-348-2233

Carver – 1-952-442-7601

Scott – 952-818-3702

Dakota – 1-952-891-7171

Washington – 1-651-777-5222

Ramsey - 1-651-266-7900

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (available 24/7)


NAMI HelpLine

Available Monday-Friday 10am-6pm ET (9am-5pm MN time)



Crisis Text Lines

MN Crisis Text Line (available 24/7) - Text “MN” to 741-741


In-Person Services

Be sure to ask your insurance provider about in-network behavioral health providers. Also, ask about your specific behavioral health coverage to understand any necessary processes such as preauthorization.

  • Talk with your family doctor or pediatrician for a referral
  • Many schools have mental health services available for students. Make an appointment to speak with your school counselor, social worker, or psychologist.
  • SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
    • The Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator can help locate treatment facilities in your area for problems associated with mental health and substance abuse. This is an online, map-based tool that searches by city/zip code.