Becoming Artists

Artist painting with water colors

About the study:

The Becoming Artists study is examining how engagement in creative activities impacts mental health in adolescents. All adolescents who are enrolled in the Adolescent After-School Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) are invited to participate in the study, which includes a creative arts class in its programming. This research seeks to determine if engaging in creative work can lead to a positive shift in one’s self-perception and promote greater well-being. 

How long is participation in this study?

About 7 months total: 6 weeks of the IOP/creative arts class plus a follow-up 6 months later.

What will this study involve?

Study activities will include interviews, questionnaires and a short word-memory test. These activities will take place before and after the creative arts class while the teen is in the IOP, and again 6 months later. In addition, parents will be invited to participate in one interview.


Teens and parents will be compensated $10 per interview visit (up to $30 total for the teen, $10 total for the parent).